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were used as the main data source. In the absence of data in the main source, additional FOM, SocialBakers, and own research were involved. The most popular network in Russia. Free registration is open from November. Initially, it was positioned as a resource for communication between students and graduates of Russian universities. Now the audience in the network is represented by people of different ages, kind of activities and prosperity, but its dominant part is young and active people under. Not so long ago added the Store application, with which you can create a full fledged online store based on API. Also, launched a new advertising service: best instagram accounts it will allow third party sites to post on their sites ads from, using targeting the audience for socio demographic characteristics and interests that are specified in the profiles of social network users.

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A multilingual social network used to search for classmates, classmates, friends, relatives And communication with them. The project was launched on March. It is popular not only among young people, but also in the adult population. Since, alternative targeting of advertising is possible: ads can be shown to participants of a certain group or brand community. Previously, the choice of the audience was possible best instagram accounts by sex, age, geography, interests, time of day or birthday of the user. The most popular video resource where visitors watch over billion videos monthly. According to SMM analysts, high quality video content is now a more effective way to influence the audience than text information.

The audience of this social network is characterized by high solvency and prefers online shopping for purchases. The most active users of Facebook visit the network through mobile devices. By the way, Facebook belongs to instagram accounts for sale the rather popular mobile application Instagram about billion users in the world. Facebook provides enough business opportunities: creating brand pages, posting advertising news in the Sponsored Stories and ads from Facebook's affiliate applications in the Open Graph. Since the end of, users from small businesses have a new option Page Like the ability to create advertisements directly from the brand page. You can arrange photo contests among your customers for example, The most stylish girl; Conduct focus groups, offering your users the choice of color/ shape/ packaging of a new product the opportunity to use visual content is quite wide.

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For representatives of online stores launched a tool for tracking conversions: now you can consider all the purchases of users who came on instagram account for sale cheap advertising, placed on Facebook. One of the first in the world of bloghostings, the most influential in the Russian social media. The resource allows Internet users to keep an electronic diary, leave and receive comments on their own and other people's records, create various communities of interest. The TNS Web Index reports, TNS conference materials.. were used as the main data source. The most obvious value of a network for business is the ability to publish photos of master classes, products, services, etc. With links to the company's website.

In the absence of data in the main source, additional FOM, SocialBakers, and Inmate's own research were involved. Free registration for users over years is open on January,. To the standard possibilities of text to media communication, Google added Hangouts video chat users up to participants. Despite the child age, Google+ is steadily gaining popularity: over million users are registered on the network. For business, the network, first of all, will be useful for its novelty, massiveness and the ability to see more conduct thematic video meetings, master classes and presentations. Registration for all comers is open in August. The service allows users to add online images, place them in thematic collections and share them with other users. Recently, Pinterest has the opportunity to create official branded pages.